About Prelum

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Prelum is a leading Dutch in continuing medical education (CME) and medical publishing. We develop scientific multimedia for healthcare professionals and students. In close collaboration with medical specialists, general practitioners, dentists, pharmacists and paramedics we create and sell various products that provide up-do-date information and continuing (e-)learning ranging from books and journals to websites and applications.

Accessible and practical, they are fitted to the needs of dedicated healthcare professionals who see the benefit of regularly updating their knowledge and skills and who believe in the importance of continuing education.

Our products are developed from an independent, scientific perspective; their content is initially determined and monitored by scientists and doctors. Our basic principle is that the information must be unambiguously traceable back to the source.

Contact details

Phone: +31 30 63 55 060
Fax: +31 30 63 55 069
E-mail: info@prelum.nl

De Molen 37
3994 DA Houten
The Netherlands

Postal address

PO Box 545
3990 GH Houten
The Netherlands

Bank details

IBAN: NL 62 INGB 0674 4132 29

Chamber of commerce Utrecht: 30237451
VAT: NL 8191.00.171.B01